The Anaya Village Bali

The Anaya Village Bali

The Anaya Village is a villa with two types of buildings, with a stunning location on the southern peninsula of the Island of the Gods, in the southwestern of the peninsula. This area is very popular for pro surfers due to the beauty of the ocean waves.

 Those two types namely Regular villatel and Prime villatel. The regular villatel without a private pool and the prime one with a private pool. The public facilities provided consist of swimming pool, restaurant, jogging track, children play area, waterfall, sports center, central wifi facility, security system with its camera surveillance/CCTV.

The Anaya Village Bali

Price & Payment Methodi

The regular price is IDR 1.4 Billion and can be paid by credit with detail below :
1. Registration and Administration Fee of 25 million ( inclusive legal process PPJB, IMB,
VAT, AJB, BPHTB, and other Notary Fees )
2. Down Payment 10% can be paid over 6 months.
3. Installment without interest * up to 15 years.

Promo payment by hard cash is IDR 800 Million only ( 10 units left ).

The Anaya Village Bali Club House

The Anaya Iconic Club House

Tha Club House with the futuristic concept is shown by its self-assertive design or as the icon of The Anaya Village. It consists of 5 floors with various facilities, including Outdoor Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Wedding Capple, Restaurant and Bar, and Rooftop area.

The existence of Fitness Center facilities can be enjoyed while enjoying a view of The Anaya Village Area. Jogging area located in the green area effects cool accents and bring comfort to the inhabitants.Children’s playground area with beautiful landscape arrangement gives a relaxed impression to the family.Restaurant and Bar combined with elegant concept give the impression of luxury and classy.

The relaxing area of the riverbank adds to the beauty of your time to simply relax or seek cool air.Outdoor Swimming Pool can be enjoyed by the residents during leisure time while enjoying the sea view and The Anaya Village area.

The Anaya Village Bali