Chef Artana Started As Humble Trainee to World Class Chef


Newspolitan,- Bali as one of the most favorite tourist destination offers not only its amazing culture and view but also the fine and dine. Many visitors come to some famous fine and dine to experience its world-class savory.It is the reason why the executive chef roles so important to raise the value of the restaurant he joins with.

In this occasion, Newspolitan will cover one Balinese World Class Chef Artana.

Born and raised in Bali, Chef Artana began his culinary career as a humble trainee at Grand Hyatt Resort Bali.

He then worked as part of the opening team of Menjangan Mimpi Resort in Bali before finding himself as First Cook in Carnival Cruise Ship.

His career has taken off during his 6 years tenure with COMO Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos. Sharpening his skills in managing the team and developing recipes that showcased the cooking techniques, Chef Artana gained the position of Junior Sous Chef in the resort before embarking on another adventure.

He landed himself in the award-winning restaurant of KuDeta Bar and Restaurant in Seminyak, Bali. Spending 4 years of amazing culinary experience refining and enriching his skills, Chef Artana continued on his adventure to Alila Ubud as Executive Sous Chef.


His journey has brought Chef Artana to COMO Uma Ubud. Here as the Head Chef/Executive Chef, he is instrumental in the creation of Uma special theme dinners which become the highlight of guest experiences at the resort. He is the person behind the special smoked duck dinner, street food BBQ dinner as well as Ribs & Bibs dinner by the Pool Bar.

“Since i started my career as a chef, i just focus on it. Keep working, loving it, and exploring more recipe. If i find myself in time of feeling too much for working then i choose to spend a day full fun trip with my family to refresh, that it is”, he said.

Among many of his achievements, Chef Artana had a very successful participation in Ubud Food Festival in 2016 alongside with Ms.Margarita Fores, the acclaimed chef, topping the S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna list of the world’s best female chefs. He is also the proud Top Five Finalist for 2016 The Chef Hotelier for ASEAN.

Good Luck Chef Artana!

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